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Delta bursary scheme benefits 100 learners

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Delta bursary scheme benefits 100 learners


Nearly 2 000 learners have so far benefited from an annual bursary programme by Delta Corporation Limited which aims to provide vulnerable students access to education.
The beneficiaries are Advanced Level students and those going into universities and to date Delta has invested around US$2 million in the programme.
Speaking during the Delta Corporation bursary induction held in Harare this week, Delta corporate affairs general manager Mrs Patricia Murambinda said: “As Delta Corporation, we are excited to be holding this yearʼs bursary scheme induction programme.
“We did our selection transparently after engaging the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education. We wanted to get hold of students who passed and were facing challenges to proceed.
“Normally we consider students with 7As at O Level whom we enrol into the programme. We then continue funding their fees if they pass with 15 points and above at A Level. We make sure they get admission to state-run universities,” said Mrs Murambinda.
She said the bursary scheme was in line with complementing Governmentʼs support to ensure access to education for youths.
She said 100 students were selected this year to be part of the Delta bursary scheme adding that for students awaiting admission into universities, the bursary scheme would cover tuition fees, accommodation and allowances for stationery.
She challenged youths to make use of education to develop their future.
“To the students, they should take this investment as a pillar of inspiration. The value of the bursary in this difficult environment should challenge them to work hard to improve themselves academically so that in turn they may be able to further develop the communities where they come from,” said Mrs Murambinda.
Beneficiaries expressed gratitude saying the bursary scholarship had been impactful in supporting their access to education.
A former pupil at Thornhill High School in Gweru, Roy Phiri said he was appreciative of the support rendered.
“I am grateful to Delta for this opportunity. I came out with 20 points. I was doing maths, computer science, statistics and physics and my parents could not afford university fees.
“With this programme it has become easy and I am about to start studying actuarial science at the University of Zimbabwe,” he said. Mavis Machokoto who is continuing with A Level after coming out with 5As, 3Bs and 2Cs at Ordinary Level said she was looking forward to the future.
“I am happy I qualified for the bursary scheme and I am looking forward to working with them until I get to university,” she said. Herald

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