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Debt collector gives Nyika residents 7-day ultimatum

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Debt collector gives Nyika residents 7-day ultimatum



MASVINGO – Residents of Duma location at Nyika Growth Point are in a state of shock after Bikita Rural District Council (RDC) gave them a seven-day ultimatum to clear their 2021 debts or get their properties attached.
In a letter dated January, 11 2022 and in the hands of The Mirror, Bikita RDC through its lawyers Mangwana and Partners has threatened residents with court action if they don’t honour the ultimatum.

Bikita Residents and Ratepayers Association (BIRRA) spokesperson Belina Sithole told The Mirror that the ultimatum came from the blues with the local authority not engaging residents first. He said that this was cruel as residents will now start by paying RTGS$3 000 to the debt collectors before they start paying off the bills.
Bikita RDC CEO Peter Chibi confirmed the development and said it was the only route to take in a situation where residents continue to default in the payments of the rates.

“Section 51 of the Rural Councils Act allows Council to take such action if residents continue to default paying their rates. One must not expect to get services for free,” said Chibi.
The letter from the debt collectors demand full payment of the debt within seven days plus RTGS$3 000 on top and 10% collection commission.

“We hereby demand that you pay the said amount in full plus ZWL$3 000 for this letter of demand and 10% collection commission within seven days from the date of this letter. If you fail to, we shall take this matter to court and you will be made to pay more legal expenses. If you are taken to court, this may result in your property being attached and sold,” reads the letter.

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