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Day-old-chicks source of CCC activist’s troubles

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Day-old-chicks source of CCC activist’s troubles


Mirror Reporter

Gutu – It appears that the reason why Police has had so much interest in arrestingNgavaite Mutare over an assault case is because his wife allegedly received 47-day-old chicks from the Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC) to start a self-help project.

This is contained in summons delivered on Ngavaite by the Police on Friday.

A truckload of Gutu Police officers has so far driven three times to a place 60km away to hunt for Ngavaite who is being charged for assault. What baffled many residents of Nyazvidzi Small Scale Farming area is that Police don’t turn up for serious crimes like rape, cattle rustling, robbery and drownings. Most of the cases just die a natural death because Police claim not to have transport and fuel.

Ngavaite handed himself over to the Police last week accompanied by his lawyer Martin Mureri.

The State outline says that Ngavaite’s wife allegedly received day-old chicks from another CCC woman activist and this did not go down well with his uncle, Tawanda Mutare who is Zanu PF chairman for Ward 4 Gutu North.

Ngavaite and his uncle stay at the same farm in Nyazvidzi and irked by the chicks’ donation, Tawanda confronted Ngavaite’s wife and accused her of getting help from an opposition political party, according to the State papers.

The State alleges that Ngavaite in turn went and assaulted Tawanda at Magombedze Business Centre.

“After being informed about the issue by his wife, Ngavaite approached Tawanda and asked him why he abused his wife.

“A misunderstanding arose between the two and Ngavaite hit Tawanda four times with fists on the head and once with a knobkerrie on the left arm,” says the Police report.

Tawanda reported the matter and Police responded swiftly and send a truck of cops. Police did not find Tawanda on the first two occasions and later sent a message threatening unspecified action if he did not report at the station on Monday January 4, 2023.

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