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DAWA holds GBV sports tourney in Mwenezi

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DAWA holds GBV sports tourney in Mwenezi


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MWENEZI – Development Agenda for Girls and young Women in Africa Network (Dawa) held a sports tournament for girls and women aged 15 – 35 in Mwenezi on Wednesday to raise awareness on Gender Based Violence (GBV) in the district.

Five teams participated in the tournament held at Rutenga Stadium and attended by representatives from Mwenezi Rural District Council, Zimbabwe Republic Police, Mwenezi Ward 18 Councillor Tawanda Muza, Assistant District Development Coordinator (DDC) Mark Masiya and Ministry of Sport, Arts, Recreation and Culture Mwenezi District head Edson Kuseka.

The tournament ran under the theme: Tosirika (a Swahili word meaning silence is not an option).

DAWA is a resource hub for adolescent girls and young women to access information and technical support. It operates in several countries including Angola, Botswana, Malawi, South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania and Rwanda. It operates in Mwenezi wards 2 and 18.

DAWA Advocacy and Network Coordinator, Tendai Kunyelesa told The Mirror that the tournament was a platform to bring girls and young women together for them to be educated on GBV.

“We chose to have a netball and soccer tournament because we realised that most people love sports so it’s a way of crowd puling our beneficiaries so that we teach them about GBV,” said Kunyelesa.

She added that they are operating in wards 2 and 18 because GBV is rampant in the wards. Most women in the wards are not economically empowered and are dependent on their husbands making them vulnerable, she added.

Tsembwe FC won the soccer tournament after coming tops against Tavamo FC and Garavatata FC. The outfit won on penalties against Garavata FC in the final match.  Only Garavata and Tavamo contested in netball and Garavata won 10 – 6.

Kuseka hailed DAWA for incorporating sports through their GBV teachings citing that it is an excellent way to crowd pull people because most people love sports due to limited entertainment.

“Using sports to teach GBV is an excellent move taken by DAWA, moat people love sports because they do not have enough entertainment,” said Kuseka.

Tsembwe FC won by a penalty shootout while Garavata beat Tavamo by 10 goals to 6 in the netball match.

DAWA representatives educated the players and other stakeholders about GBV after the tournament.

Masiya applauded Dawa for the initiative. He said it will also inspire girls and women to take up sporting as a career.

Ward 18 Councillor Tawanda Muza said such an initiative will reduce the number of GBV cases in his ward.

He added that his ward is close to a truck stop and most girls and boys who have nothing to do end up working as sex workers.

“My ward is the most affected in terms of GBV because it’s close to the highway which links South Africa and Zimbabwe. There is a truck stop and girls and boys who have nothing to do end up throwing themselves to these truck drivers so these kind of tournaments will occupy them,” said Muza.

Chidochashe Tizora, a beneficiary of Dawa hailed the tournament. She said GBV cases are decreasing as women can now identify the causes of GBV.

“I would like to thank Dawa for providing a relaxing platform to learn about GBV and to also host sports tournaments for us, we are learning a lot and GBV is decreasing,” said Tizora.

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