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Dangwa Trust launches mobile library today

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Dangwa Trust launches mobile library today


Moses Madyira/Theresa Zibowa

CHIKOMBA – Dangwa Initiative Trust is launching a mobile library at Good Hope School in Chivhu today.
The mobile library is a project that will cover as many private and Government schools as possible and the mission is to give children a reading culture.
The project has already been launched in a number of private and Government schools but will wait until a Memorandum of Understanding between the NGO and relevant Government authorities is signed.

The mobile library will be joined by an internet café on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in Chivhu.
Today’s event will kick off with birthday celebrations at the school where all pupils and parents born between January 1 and April 7 will celebrate their womb escape days.
The library has competitions where some winners can have their fees paid for.
Good Hope Primary School head Kudakwashe Nyani confirmed the programme to The Mirror and expressed hope that the project will help learners through the promotion of a reading culture among pupils.

Dangwa Initiative Trust director, Teresa Dangwa told The Mirror that her organisation is partnering private schools while waiting for her MOU to be stamped so her Trust can partner with Government schools.
Learners will have to pay a joining fee of US$1 per month and each leaner can borrow one book per week.
The library will be distributing books to schools on weekly basis while encouraging learners to participate in two competitions namely; I am a bookworm challenge and spelling bee competition.

I am a bookworm encourages pupils to read as many books as they can. Learners will be asked to write summaries of books they read and get awards every quarter.
Spelling Bee competition will be held annually with the next one set to be held in December this year. The competition is meant to urge learners to spell words correctly as well as the meaning of the word and its use.
“On average a pupil will read four books every month or more, through exchanging books with others, so after 8 months a pupil would have read 32 books, that’s incredible; absolutely incredible!

“Through competitions like ‘I am a bookworm challenge’ there will be reading culture at the school as learners will feel challenged to read more and more books,” said Nyani.
The Trust is also set to open a stationary community library at House Number 412 Rhodes Street which will be free to join. The public will pay a borrowing fee.https://masvingomirror.com


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