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Dangerous prisoner escapes from Khami


Dangerous prisoner escapes from Khami



Bulawayo – Jabson Shonhe (39), a dangerous armed robber serving 52 years escaped from Khami Prison in Bulawayo yesterday afternoon and prison officials have been implicated in the case, says an internal memo seen by The Mirror.

His escape is said to have sent shivers down spines at Beitbridge Police after the convit promised to come back and revenge against those who arrested him.

Shonhe who owns trucks in Kempton South Africa and was arrested after committing a series of armed robberies both inside and outside Zimbabwe including shooting and killing woman on a Smart Express Bus was re-arrested the same day along 6th Avenue in Bulawayo but the time of his re-arrest is not indicated.

He killed the woman in Smart Express at Mapai Turnoff near Beitbridge after firing shots inside the bus. Shonhe was involved in armed robberies since 2016, according to the memo.

Shonhe’s wife, Anesu Manzunzu who is an ex-ZNA nurse is based in Kempton South Africa.

The internal memo suspects that Shonhe’s escape is an inside job since Khami has tight security.

“So terrifying, this is a very dangerous criminal.  Even our security as Detectives (sic) is endangered here. Zvaitaura ava kuenda kujeri hanzi will come back stronger be careful,” reads the statement.

Shonhe who comes from Gadza Village, Chief Mukoka, Gokwe was last seen at 315pm yesterday and his escape was discovered by Chief Superintendent Dumbura during prisoners counting 30 minutes later at  345pm.

Shonhe was arrested (year not given) in an Urban Connect Bus in Beitbridge when he was on his way with Augustine Sibanda to commit crimes in Harare. He was found with a pistol (revolver flywheel) on him and a stolen passport.https://masvingomirror.com

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