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CZI sexual harassment case struck off roll


CZI sexual harassment case struck off roll


THE Supreme Court has dismissed a case where the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) was being sued by its former employee Rita Marque-Mbatha, who alleged that she was sexually harassed in 2002 by her boss.

The accused was former CZI boss Farai Bwatikona Zizhou, who later unfairly fired her in June 2013.

The matter was struck off the roll by three judges of the Supreme Court, Justices Paddington Garwe, Elizabeth Gwaunza and Bharat Patel.

Mbatha reported Zizhou for sexual harassment when she worked as his personal assistant between 2002 and 2003.

After she was fired, she sued Zizhou and the CZI in a US$500 000 suit and won the case against Zizhou who was ordered to pay US$180 000 by the High Court late last year, leaving the suit against CZI pending.

The High Court commended Mbatha for seeking justice 20 years on.

“The matter has had a long turbulent history and the wheels of justice have turned slowly for her. There can be no denying that. She has been to this court. She strives for closure. Any lesser mortal would probably have given up. Plainly, Mbatha is no lesser mortal. Her tenacity and fighting spirit have moved mountains. She is still fighting,” Justice Joseph Mafusire of the High Court said in his ruling.

Zizhou’s property has since been auctioned after he failed to pay the compensation. Newsday.


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