Curfew causes more headaches at Victoria Ranch boreholes


MASVINGO – The recent 6 to 6 curfew during lockdown has worsened water woes for residents of the populous Victoria Ranch where most are solely dependent on boreholes for the precious liquid.
The curfew meant that residents cannot get water at night and this is worsened by the fact of the rapidly dropping water table.

Masvingo Rural District Council Ward 7B councillor, Bennegina Mudambiranwa confirmed the situation to the Mirror and added that the local council went further to lock three of the boreholes at night to bar water barons from drawing water from boreholes.

Victoria Ranch Victoria Ranch Residents Association spokesperson, Dereck Chikuni said residents are in a quandary as they are forced to wait in queues all day and appealed to the local authority to urgently look into the matter.
Mudambiranwa said that water barons fetch water in huge quantities and sell it to residents who are building houses and others who don’t have water at US$1,50 for 100 litres.

He said that some boreholes were also getting damaged as a result of the strain caused on them by the water barons.

Victoria Ranch has over 10 000 households being served by five boreholes while households with taped water go for weeks without giving out a drop.

The locking of the boreholes is overseen by committees of residents staying close to the boreholes.
“We have been locking three boreholes since the end of July when the curfew started. There are water barons who hoard water at night and sell it to builders and desperate residents in US$. The water levels are dropping fast and if this continues we may need to drill more boreholes,” said Mudambiranwa.

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