Covid19: Chief Tshovani buried without traditional rites

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CHIREDZI – Chief Tshovani, born Hlaisi Mudawu (75) who died on Tuesday at Collin Saunders Hospital after succumbing to Covid19 has been buried.
The burial, according to the Shangani culture is a violation of traditional rites where chiefs’ deaths are not only kept secret but are buried two weeks after their demise.
The Mirror confirmed from reliable sources that because of Covid19, Chief Tshovani was hurriedly buried on 21st July at his homestead in Save.The source said that the burial was attended by close family members.
Chief Tshovani’s son Felix Mudawu however, disputed the story that his father was buried. He said it was against the Shangani culture to even announce the chief’s death before the expiry of two weeks.
He attacked the media and new technology for allowing his father’s death to be discussed in public before an official announcement.
Although Masvingo Provincial Medical Director Amadeous Shamu would not directly comment on the chief’s burial, he told The Mirror that burial of all deaths due to Covid19 are done immediately afterwards to avoid transmission of the virus.
“Covid19 burials are carried out as soon as possible to avoid transmission,” said Shamu.
“We are yet to bury our father and we are still waiting for the State to guide us burial arrangements. According to our culture a chief is supposed to lie in state for two weeks before burial,” said Mudawu.
Chiredzi District Development Co-ordinator Lovemore Chisema said he assume that Tshovani is already buried though it remain a secret.
Chief Tshovani has been described as one of the long serving chiefs. He was appointed chief in 1975

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