Covid19 cases drop drastically in Zvishavane

ZVISHAVANE – There is relief and hope after Zvishavane described as one of the Covid19 hotspots saw a drastic drop in Covid 19 cases.
The small mining town recorded 58 new Covid19 cases in one day in June 2021 but on August 10, 2021 there was just 1 reported new Covid case.
There were also just 40 active Covid19 cases and zero deaths on Tuesday this week.
Zvishavane District Environmental Health Officer Mubatsiri Shoko told The Mirror that the reduction in cases is because people now understand that the pandemic is serious and they mask up and they are getting vaccinated.
Some 27 443 people have been vaccinated with the first dose while 19 222 received the second dose.
Zvishavane was named a Covid 19 hotspot in June after the 58 cases. Covid19 spread to Zvishavane due to movement after seven members of a family that had gone to a funeral in Kwekwe and travelled back after contracting the virus.
Currently Zvishavane has 1 272 confirmed cases, 1 new infection, 40 active cases, zero new deaths, 53 cumulative deaths and 1 177 recoveries which shows that the situation is in a more stable manner in the town as people are adhering to lockdown restrictions.
“People are adhering to regulations including wearing masks properly. We thank Ya FM for the awareness talks that it provides us. People are also getting vaccinated”, said Shoko.

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