Covid sucker

Schools, colleges opening for some,
Exams waiting here I come.
Back to school, to study and write,
Hoping for a future that is bright.
Months and months out of school,
Am I going to be another fool?

Examined for what I did not fully examine,
Will the examiner my future determine?
Buried I am in my notes and books,
Is Covid-19 dangling its deadly hooks?
Snoring in the dormitory Covid doesn’t
I sweat hot October wishing it would snow.
Morning brings with it the cold shower,
My hope, to wash away Covid power.
A nutritious breakfast the virus might starve,
But is it hiding there in the food I love?
To the classroom I rush to imbibe knowledge,
Hands sanitized I enter with courage.
Both masked the teacher and the taught,
By Covid who wants to be caught?

Social distance I religiously maintain,
From groups and crowds I always refrain.
My hands gleam from constant washing,
Otherwise Covid will give me a thrashing.
Why me is not for me to deliberate,
The little I learnt, I will elaborate.
Sure to please the examination marker,
As I am not just another Covid sucker.

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