Covid scare as 2 600 Gweru vendors invade city tomorrow

Elizabeth Mashiri
Midlands Bureau

GWERU – Gweru, probably the most casual City in Zimbabwe in terms of observing social distancing and other lockdown regulations will have a fresh scare tomorrow when 2 600 vendors invade the CBD to collect their wares from sharks that are going to be destroyed by the local authority on Monday.
The vendors have been instructed to collect their wares ahead of an exercise to demolish all illegal vending structures in the city. The local authority has not given them an alternative vending place.
This means that the 2 600 residents will have no source of income.
The move was announced during a joint task force meeting attended by the Minister of State for Midlands Province Larry Mavima, Mayor Josiah Makombe, council management and the security sector yesterday.
The meeting’s resolution is for all vendors to collect their wares in town starting tomorrow and ending on Sunday.
Mavima emphasized the need to keep the city clean but at the same time ensure that vendors don’t lose their savings during the demolition process.
“This is a crucial moment to make sure the city is kept clean. However, we need to ensure that we reduce loss. Vendors have stocks which must be retrieved and there are 2 600 of them.
“People are going to lose property if we do not do this properly,” said Mavima.

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