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Covid-19:Complacency creeps in


Covid-19:Complacency creeps in


Despite the Government relaxing lockdown measures in preparation for the anticipated return to normal activities following a decline in Covid-19 cases, the flouting of set pandemic guidelines and norms by citizens has continued unabated across country.

The Government has unveiled several measures to contain the Covid-19 pandemic and this has seen the country record lower numbers of infections and deaths.

Early this month, level two Covid-19 lockdown measures were relaxed leading to schools opening last week, as the fourth wave of infection, driven by the Omicron variant, continues ebbing to almost the low levels seen between waves.

A survey conducted by The Herald across the capital over the weekend revealed that the public has also relaxed some important regulations with bars, restaurants and schools among the leading institutions flouting the rules.

Most bars and night clubs around the capital were opening to the unvaccinated with no sanitisation at entry points while most of the drinkers were not masked up and no social distancing being followed.

In an astonishing scene, up to four drinkers could be seen sharing beer from the same mug.

At Mbare market and Mupedzanhamo flea market, thousands of people continued to trade, with both buyers and sellers violating the rules without sanitisation, masking up and social distancing. At most churches visited, masked up congregants where being allowed in without showing proof of vaccination and social distancing was not being followed while sanitisation was compulsory at entry points.

However, there was no adherence to restricted numbers at most churches. At schools, disrespect of the regulations is a common norm.

At most schools, there is no sanitisation at entry points while most students are not wearing masks and no social distancing.

However, at most Government institutions and offices, regulations are being religiously followed.

One senior citizen, Gogo Emilia Chitsiga (68) of Mbare National said it was encouraging to note that Covid-19 infection rates are continuing to decline but it was also necessary to continue abiding to set regulations.

“People must understand that wearing masks is important not only for their own health but for the sake and safety of their parents who are of advanced ages and bound to have co-morbidities, as well as children in their families who are yet to be vaccinated,” she said.

The Government has on several occasions stated that citizens of any age group with co-morbidities and the unvaccinated are among the most vulnerable.Herald.https://masvingomirror.com


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