Covid 19 – Police to demand exemption letters again

MASVINGO – After relaxing conditions for travel for just two days, Police in Masvingo has said it will with effect from today start demanding exemption letters again.
Masvingo Police spokesperson Chief Inspector Charity Mazula told The Mirror yesterday no one will be allowed to get into the city centre without an exemption letter.
Police has for the past two days (Monday and Tuesday) been allowing everyone to get into town as long as one had a face mask.
Mazula said that the action has had to be taken because the number of people getting into town had shot up.
“Workers carrying their letters and individuals with compelling reasons as seeking medical attention and visiting hospitals with their medical cards are the only groups that will be allowed into town.
“Entry into the CBD is anytime between 9am and 3pm which are working hours. The number of people entering town has increased and should be kept under check,” said Mazula.
Mazula said the lockdown still stands and Police will not allow loitering in the city. Mazula also added that those seeking to do inter district and inter provincial travel should seek Police clearance.

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