Covid 19 – Masvingo Trust uses public address system to reach out to residents

David Masomere aka DJ Masomere.
MASVINGO – United Masvingo Community Trust (UMCT) a charity organisation has started massive awareness campaigns in the city’s CBD and the residential areas.
The Trust is using a vehicle and public address system and moving around urging residents to stay indoors as the best prevention against Covid-19 Virus. The programme kicked off this morning.
UMCT coordinator David Masomere aka DJ Masomere’s approach is unique as no other organisation is using the same method in the town
Masomere told The Mirror that he took the initiative after realising that there is little awareness among residents on the COVID-19 pandemic which has affected more than three million people globally.
“We have decided to join the war against the Covid-19 virus after realising that most citizens are not respecting the social distance and staying at home as recommended by Government. We can’t leave everything to Government and from today onwards we will not stop until the virus is gone and we will cover the whole Province in our small way,” said DJ Masomere.
After today’s campaign he said that social distancing was better in the City Center but there were bad areas like Chesvingo Drive in Sisk area where hordes of people roam the street and Kyle House in the CBD where people gather to collect groceries from sent from South Africa.
The UMCT committee comprises of Nabioth Magwizi, Connias Mhunga and Adrian Chikomo who donated the vehicle, the PA system, a driver while fuel was supplied by Stern Kondongwe to carry out the exercise.

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