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Court orders landlady to stop harassing tenant

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Court orders landlady to stop harassing tenant



KWEKWE – Magistrate Itai Kagwere has granted a peace order to a Kwekwe woman against her landlady who was allegedly harassing her and throwing out her furniture over rental arrears.
Magistrate Kagwere granted the order sought by Rutendo Chivara against Veronica Gwatipedza after concluding that Gwatipedza follow the legal route should she want to evict Chivara.
Chivara had told the court that Gwatipedza is abusing and depriving her family of freedom by throwing out her property.
“My landlady is in the habit of insulting and physically abusing me, recently she threw my properties out and ordered me to leave the house. Therefore, I need an order that would stop her from abusing me and my family,” pleaded Chivara.
Gwatipedza told the court that Chivara owes her rentals of over three months and she should leave her house. She denied claims of her being violent and throwing out Chivara’s household property.
“If I was violent and abusive she wouldn’t have stayed at my house for so many years. I went to the house asking for the rentals that I am owed. I have been understanding and even gave her a three months’ notice because she is not paying rentals,” said Gwatipedza.
Magistrate Kagwere told Gwatipedza to follow the legal eviction route and not harass her tenants.
“The court orders you to keep peace towards each other and if she hasn’t paid your rentals take legal action against her. If the three months’ notice lapses evict her legally from your house and do not take the law into your own hands,” he said in passing judgment.

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