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Court case exposes married Masvingo woman

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Court case exposes married Masvingo woman


Shiri inozongofa! The overturning of abortion is tossing the shibboleths into the river Jordan . HOTH is told many people; married or single are getting lost these days and most of them are found in the bed next door. All this because of this biting weather. I am sure the sales for the morning after is souring every minute beating the rate at which our useless RGTS is falling.

Has anyone seen my man Tinashe Mugabe of late? Obvious his business is also going to boom because more tests will soon come his way. Like always HOTH has been keeping warm at the gum trees far away from the madding crowds but word always reaches him.

Ko ivo vana Rivhi nana Rona ava vatorikosu? I thought it was just my late visually-challenged brother who was just poking funny on those illiterate fellas saying they thought ‘leave me alone’ were names names of girlfriends. I am sure everyone knows him. The late Paul ‘Dr Love’ Matavire (MHISRP). 

Of course those were the days when music was still music. These days they never make music like the way those guys used to do. Mazuva ano kwangova kungopopota nechityisana nezvipfuti zvemuromo popopopopo! Chupeti! Kkkkkkkk

HOTH is well aware that the overturning of the Roe V. Wade abortion law does not have any significance to our sisters in Zim because the law never applied to them anyway. We have had weird stories of the crotchet being used to pull the foetus out, or other concoction from traditional healers and health professionals.     

Can I go deeper like your papas, your man of God, prophets or pastors? Because isu vana HOTH zveMharidzo ndozveduzve isu. Semazuva ano unototsvaga Mutanda chaiwo kuti ugare wakanyatsoteerera hako uchidziya moto.

So muMharidzo yedu yanhasi tinoda kutaura nezve vari diaspora nevavanosiya kuno kuZim. HOTH is told there is this guy who got married to a woman who is now working at one of Masvingo’s training ground for vana Rabbie. Nhaka zvangu.

I think for the past two months or so I was so detached from what is happening on the ground. Where is my other good friend? Of course Angels! I heard that angels clad in shining white linen jaywalking the streets of Masvingo are now commonplace.

Of course he is not Silent Killer ngirozi ye hondo but that particular angel who is not one for peace! It’s that one with an insatiable appetite for courts. Well this angel I will explain more about him in our next segment, but for now let’s stick to Mharidzo yedu yanhasi. 

So after marrying this guy only stayed with his wife until his only son was nine and ended up in the UK. Yaah, he is there and it seems eighteen years already lapsed now although he sometimes sneak in and out. 

So HOTH is reliably informed that the woman who is a college employee fell in love with this other guy. I am not so sure what he does for a living. What I  can only tell him is that zvimwe potai muchidarikwawo. Muve vana Mudarikwa nezvinhu.

So the two two started co-cohabiting like husband and wife and everything went well until our comrade in arms vasiri vana Mudarikwa started to lose interest in the whole affair. That’s the problem with love bombing; you won’t be able to ghost someone.    

The relationship hit rock bottom until the woman turned physical and struck down her lover with a pot after differences over their relationship. Ko zvamunongoendawo kuchurch wani nhai amai. Mharidzo dzapapa hamudzinzwi here kti vhawulenzi yakaipa? 

I heard our comrade was saved from further bashing by his brother who happened to be around when our sister was blowing her gasket beating day lights out of our brother.  The male sibling I am told grabbed the pot away from the marauding girlfriend who lunged clawing like a made cat and scratching the hapless BF leaving him with deep wounds.

Iko kuma R kwenyu uko kunombobuda dzakwanda wena. Now this brother man thought of reporting the matter to the police and the cops referred the matter to the courts. That’s when all the hell broke lose. HOTH’s masters were at the courts and as usual they went for the story and boom it was all over the internet. Iye akauya nehindaneti akati parira wena.

Ko mungoziva chirungu chemabhurakwacha chiya che kuti the car was due west, kana kuti the xxd. Ishorthand ka iyi kkkkkk ivo vonzi we are just cohabiting ivo vakuti husband and wife. Maiweee!!! Ko ati mukadzi nemurume ndiani? Chioonai manje what you caused. 

After the story was published it was awash on social media and in a split of a second the real husband was reading about his wife in court with another hubby. Uummm regai ndinyarare hangu. Until next week have a blessed week. ADIOS.   https://masvingomirror.com/

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