Corrupt cops cashing in on Covid19 curfew

This is their turn to feed from the trough of rot.
“Observant” sees it all.

Police officers with sniffer dogs sniff around the shopping centre, hungry, hunting for a windfall.
But this time its the handlers, not the dogs, who are the hunters.

Its easy to for the officers who handle the dogs to find their prey, all bar owners at the shopping centre are operating outside the lockdown hours.

“Observant,” for that is his name, drinks at the Shopping centre with frugal wisdom.
He chooses the bar from which he drinks with economic care.
The bars at the Shopping centre sell the same beer at different prices.

At the corner bar, the bar lady is friendly and the beer is cold, but the beer costs nearly twice as much as it costs at the mid bar.
“Observant” leaves the expensive corner bar for the less expensive mid bar, his budget could not afford a charming bar lady.
In the mid bar, the beer is cheaper but the crowd is rowdy, so “Observant” buys a beer and rests his elbows protectively over the counter, safeguarding his beer.

“Observant” wasn’t bothered when the bar lady of the mid bar switched off the lights and barricaded the door in order to woodwink the lockdown enforcers.

But the police officers and their tethered dogs still broke down the the barricade and stormed the mid bar and the bar lady screamed and everyone scattered.

“Observant” ducked and sneaked under the counter and leaned against its inner wall and waited and listened, terrified to boot.
He heard everything. How the bar lady was sniffed out of the empty crates and threatened with dogs and their masked handlers and subdued.

“You think US $10 will cover your transgression? Make it US $15 or else l’ll lock you up”
And so the bar lady scurried into the counter, and using her cellphone to light its interior, pulled out a $5 note from the cash box which was right next to “Observant” underneath the counter and went away.

“Now that you have paid us, you can open the bar and switch on the lights. We will not come back today. “
And the hunters and their tethered dogs vanished and the bar lights were switched on and the drunks tumbled out of their hiding places with uproarious laughter and drank.

“That is all they wanted, money, ha ha ha”
The drunks rejoiced.

But “Observant” wondered whether this country and its people will ever regain self respect.
Bad things are now normal.

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