Cops demand RTGS$10 bribes to allow people into town

Comm-Gen Matanga.
MASVINGO – Several people walking or cycling into town on foot from suburbs including Rujeko and Mucheke have complained that Police officers are demanding RTGS$10 bribes to allow them into the city.
Motorists were also said to be paying bribes but this appeared difficult because large numbers of officers at roadblocks wouldn’t allow that.
Masvingo Police spokesperson, Chief Inspector Charity Mazula said she would report the matter to the Officer Commanding District for investigations to be carried out.
The Mirror was told this morning that cops are demanding $10 from every person who did not have a valid reason or letter to get into town.
“If you don’t have a pass or valid letter to proceed into town, you pay $10 to the Cops manning pathways between Rujeko and the CBD. Once you do that you face no hassles,” said a barber who was going to attend to his clients in Rhodene.
A woman who wanted to go to Harare to collect her business order confirmed the same and said she paid $10 at Rujeko Footbridge.

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