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Cops accused of stealing US$24 000 exhibit money


Cops accused of stealing US$24 000 exhibit money



MASVINGO – A guard from Safeguard Security in Masvingo, Alexander Magazine who was nabbed for stealing US$40 000 and RTGS$40 000 from his employer has accused cops of stealing US$24 000 and RTGS$1 000 from the recovered money.

Magazine of Pangolin in Mucheke made the claim when he appeared before local Magistrate, Patience Madondo on Tuesday. The matter had to be postponed to allow Police to look into Magazine’s claims.

Liberty Hove representing the State said Magazine was instructed by his employer to go and send US$40 000 and $40 000 through Mukuru to the security company’s clients and its various branches in the country.

Magazine however, removed the money from the cashbox and disappeared from the company premises.

The theft which occurred on March 2, 2022 was noticed through cameras in the office and Magazine was arrested at Mhandamabwe in Chivi.

Police recovered some of the money from the accused’s wife and some which was buried in a mountain.
Magazine alleged that Police recovered US$35 000 plus RTGS30 000. Police however, in its dockets reported that it recovered US$11 000 and RTGS$29 000.

Magazine’s defense is that he stole the money because Safeguard paid him too little and he could not look after his two wives with his earnings. He also said that he wanted to pay lobola because he had been quarrelling with his in-laws for a long time.

The State says that on March 2, Magazine was given a cash box with USD40 000 and ZAR 40 000 to send the money through Mukuru. He was given a pistol and two communication radios and he vanished.

He was seen on the CCTV opening the cash box and taking the money. He left the cashbox in the office and pretended as if he was going to buy lunch at OK supermarket.

Safeguard branch manager, Lival Sango phoned him with the intention of telling him to be fast in order to get to Mukuru before it closed. Magazine’s phone went unanswered and Sango became suspicious.

He went through CCTV footage and immediately filed a Police report. Investigations were initiated leading to the arrest of Magazine at Mhandamabwe Business Center.

Police says it recovered US$771 and RTGS$29 000 from Esnath Muzive, Magazine’s wife. Magazine helped Police recover US$9 000 which was hidden in a mountain at Ngundu growth point.

Police reports that it managed to recover a total of US$11 000 and RTGS$29 000.

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