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Conwoman hits again, 300 aspiring nurses lose USS$0,24m

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Conwoman hits again, 300 aspiring nurses lose USS$0,24m



BIKITA – A suspected conwoman who scammed hundreds of aspiring nurses of thousand of dollars and was arrested by Police a few years back is at it again, swindling another 300 aspiring nurses recently of US$240 000 and advertising their names in The Sunday Mail.
Mirror investigations have shown that the woman who answers to the name Patricia Magazine was reimbursed some money by The Sunday Mail after advertising the names of “successful” candidates who wanted to train as nurses at Mashoko Mission in Bikita. She had paid more than the price of the advert.
The advert appeared in The Sunday Mail of June 19, 2024 and in the advert she was calling upon 55 seccessful candidates to pay their school fees balance. She used the pseudonym Memory Moyo in the advert with the cell number 0778 159 917.
Dr Zindoga Bungu, the medical superindentent at Mashoko confirmed the scam. He told The Mirror that he has reported the matter to Police after seeing the advert in The Sunday Mail. He also informed the Provincvial Medical Director.
He also confirmed that this scam is happening at the mission hospital over and over again.
The Mirror called on the number that The Sunday Mail sent the reimbursement and answered to her name. However, she turned around and said that the number was wrong when the reporter asked for a nurse training place at Mashoko. She immediately switched off her phone.
Patricia Magazine is the same person appeared in The Mirror a few years ago facing dozens of similar cases.
Investigations by The Mirror have shown that there are over 300 victims although, Magazine only advertsised 55 succesful candidates in The Sunday. She paid US$600 for the advert, The Mirror has gathered.
Sources alleged that Magazine who is at large was working with Vimbai Judith Chikwara an elder of the Zaoga FIF in Mucheke as her point person. Chikwara is popularly know as elder Utete.
Chikwara confirmed to The Mirror that she was involved in the recruitment of nurses but has since withdrawn her services after being advised that this was a scam.
Most of the conned parenst are from churches including mainly AFM, Zaoga and Roman Catholic.
“Yes, I can confirm that I used to have a ‘link’, but I stopped after someone tipped me that the whole thing was a scam,” said Elder Utete.
“As the hospital, we are surprised by the advert. We have since reported the matter to Police. We have also alerted the Provincial Medical Director (PMD) Dr Amadus Shamu about the issue.
“This is not the first time such a thing has happened we had one or two other incidents in the past. We are not involved in the recruitment of students. Everything is done through the PMD’s office. We are waiting for feedback from his office, but as the hospital, we have started our internal investigation,” said Bungu.
In 2018, Magazine was once implicated in a case involving a Checheche-based teacher who swindled locals out of their hard-earned cash after promising to secure their relatives some nursing student places at Mashoko School of Nursing.
However, efforts to get a comment from Shamu were futile as his mobile went unanswered.
Meanwhile, cases of conmen masquerading as employment agencies swindling aspiring nurses is on the rise. Last week, Effort Chirandata (45) and Martha Chitumba (54) appeared before magistrate Dennis Mangosi charged with fraud after they allegedly conned eight aspiring nurses of over US$8,000 promising to secure vacancies for them at Sally Mugabe Hospital in Harare.

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