Congestion hits Masvingo

Godfrey Mutimba.
Mirror Reporter
Masvingo – Masvingo has this morning been hit by one of the heaviest congestions ever to be seen in the city as Police continues to effect the lockdown and stop residents from the Western suburbs from getting into town.
The organisation at the roadblock was so poor that ambulances could not pass through. Many people from essential services including nurses had to endure more than three hour delays at the roadblock while one prosecutor at the High Court in Masvingo gave up and drove back home.
The queues stretched from the Craft Centre to the Mucheke Rank and the other from the Craft Centre to the roundabout at Masvingo Polytechnic.
Journalists were also stopped from proceeding into town despite a High Court order issued last week which instructs Police to stop interfering with the work of journalists.
Police Spokesperson Chief Inspector Charity Mazula said there is little that could be done about the congestion.
Police woman Inspector Chipfakacha stopped journalists from The Mirror and Hevoi and told them to go back home.
“Munoenda kubasa masikati tsamba yokuti munosevenza masikati munayo. Budisai tsamba inotaura kuti munosevenza masikati. Dzokerai uko! (If you are journalists why are you going to work in the afternoon? Give me the letter that says you are working in the afternoon or you won’t proceed)”, shouted Chifakacha who obviously knew that she was in open defiance of the law.
Zimbabwe Union of Journalists (ZUJ) Vice President, Godfrey Mutimba warned that his organisation will take the woman and her bosses to court if they continue defying a lawful order.
“It is not just the Police who are an essential service in this Covid -19 lockdown. The Police is just one of the many essential services declared by Government for the success of the ‘war’ against the pandemic. Rogue Police officers must therefore stop interfering with other essential services, said Mutimba.

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