Commandos beat up Beitbridge cops

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Beitbridge – A Beitbridge lawyer has demanded full explanation of the alleged assault and illegal detention of two CID members by a group of commandos recently deployed to stop smuggling at the border post.

The cops who were on duty were assaulted last Thursday night and detained for 13 hours at Beitbridge Police Station without charge.According to a letter written by Advocate Jabulani Mzinyathi, the soldiers who are now in full control of security operations at the border found Detective Sergeant Albert Nyathi and Constable Kurai Marongere sitting in their cars parked outside the border post. The two produced their identity cards and proof that they were on duty starting at 430pm on Thursday to 7am on Friday.

Despite that, the soldiers who were led by a major and a captain assaulted, disarmed the cops and deflated their car before they took them to Beitbridge Police Station where an order was given for them to be detained. The Officer-in-charge obliged and detained the cops until 3pm the next day but he refused to place them in the cells because the soldiers allegedly failed to raise a charge against them.

Mzinyathi who is representing the two said their arrest and subsequent detention was unlawful because there was no charge brought against them. He demanded a full explanation of the incident and said he was preparing to sue.Mzinyathi’s letter was copied to the Officer-in-charge CID, Dispol and DPP.Sources told Two Nations that since the arrival of the soldiers, all Police officers and members of the Central Intelligence have been pushed out of the border operations and the post is being exclusively manned by soldiers from Harare.Recently one of the soldiers was allegedly arrested for robbery and this according to some sources angered the soldiers.Efforts to get a comment from national Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi were fruitless.

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