City council’s $2 500 minimum wage pushes up rates

Masvingo Mayor Collen Maboke.
MASVINGO – A minimum salary of $2 500 announced for all workers by Government is one of the factors that is contributing to high bills coming from Masvingo City Council, The Mirror has learnt.
Residents throughout the City are bitterly complaining against rates where water bills alone are in most cases above $1 000 a month. Some residents have resigned to the situation and are saying they will just pay what they can.
Masvingo Mayor, Collen Maboke told The Mirror that council has no option but to effect the minimum wage stipulated by Government.
He said that the new minimum wage was effected last month and this is in compliance with statutory instrument 81 of 2020 in March.
Residents who called The Mirror said they don’t earn that kind of money that they are being charged in the form of rates because the majority work in the informal sector. Most civil servants are earning around $3 000 which means that 30% of their earnings are going towards rates.
Maboke however, emphasised that ballooning payments to ZINWA, electricity bills and chemicals are some of the costs pushing rates up.
Masvingo Residents and Ratepayers Alliance spokesperson Godfrey Mutimba urged council to prioritise service delivery ahead of huge salaries. He also urged council to abide by Government’s service delivery and wage rate of 70/30.

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