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CIMAS urges public to invest in health care

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CIMAS urges public to invest in health care



MUTARE-One of the largest private medical aid societies, CIMAS is urging the public to subscribe to medical aid companies to access competative and better health care.
CIMAS Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Vulindlela Ndlovu told a press briefing in Mutare that it is imperative for people to also insure their health, the same way they do with funeral policies.
“We understand health is something we do collectively. As a private sector we are there to complement Government services and mobilising savings for health. The public at large must also put money aside for their health. We live in a country where the resources are not enough and therefore where we are able to, we should be able to alleviate the burden of the public sector by putting our savings aside, that is our message,” said Ndlovu.
He said the major challenge facing medical aid societies is that while they are striving to provide better health services, there are associated costs which the public is not prepared to meet. He indicated that the collection rate of premiums from members is poor at the moment.
Ndlovu also added that CIMAS would welcome any Government regulation to do with providing health services to the public.
“We welcome any strengthening of regulations for medical aid companies and Government structures. As a society we do not think we will have problems complying in any regulations that come because we have Government structures that are robust,” he hinted.
He also highlighted that to further illustrate their commitment to complement health services, CIMAS is refurbishing Avenues Clinic to a modern hospital.
“In our recent investment in Avenues Clinic, we are putting in more money to make sure that the clinic is refurbished to a current modern hospital that functions well. From time to time any facilities need renewal. Avenues Clinic was built almost 40 years ago and there have never been any major refurbishments on it since then, so we came in to provide new services so that many providers can operate from there,” he said.
CIMAS Managing Director Tinotenda Mushapaidze weighed in saying her the medical services provider is also addressing the critical issue of mental health and drug and substance abuse that has become rampant.
She said they are redressing the issue through acquisition of Highlands Wellness Group. She said the acquisition is aimed at providing comprehensive coverage for alcohol and drug rehabilitation services to CIMAS Medical Aid members, so as to tackle this pressing social challenge.
“The alarming increase in cases of alcohol and substance abuse in Zimbabwe has highlighted the urgent need for accessible and effective rehabilitation services. Recognising the gravity of this issue, CIMAS has taken a progressive step by extending coverage for alcohol and drug rehabilitation services to its members. “Through the strategic acquisition of Highlands Wellness Group, a renowned and trusted provider of mental health and rehabilitation services, we aim to alleviate the financial burden faced by individuals seeking help and improving their chances of successful recovery,” highlighted Mushapaidze.

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