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Churches launch anti-drug campaign in Mberengwa

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Churches launch anti-drug campaign in Mberengwa



MBERENGWA – Indigenous churches under the Zimbabwe Indigenous Interdenominational Council of Churches (ZIICC) have launched an anti-drug campaign in Mberengwa.
The launch took place on Saturday at Danga Growth Point and was attended by Minister of Skills Audit and Development Paul Mavima and Bishop Onsimo Goronga among others.
The launch ran under the theme: Let us rise and build.
Mavima implored youths to desist from drug abuse and seize opportunities around them.
“Our young people contend with a lot of challenges but that must not be the reason for them to just sit and complain. I want you to awaken yourself to possibilities and start working towards achieving your dreams,” said Mavima.
Bishop Goronga hailed the program and said the church has a big role to play in fighting against drug abuse.
“As the church we a have a serious role to play in the fight against drug and substance abuse. We saw it necessary to have this initiative because it plays a key role in removing youths in the streets where they abuse drugs,” he said.

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