Chivhu residents up in arms against poor service delivery


CHIVHU – Chivhu residents are increasingly mobilising against alleged poor service delivery in the small transit town with their social media platforms abuzz with examples of Chikomba Rural District Council’s (RDC) shortcomings.

Chivhu Residents Chatroom, a WhatsApp group has become one of the most vocal groups against alleged council inefficiencies.
Members spend a lot of time discussing serious issues pertaining to poor service delivery.

Some of the teething issues are poor roads, absence of public toilets, suburbs that have gone for months without water. The residents have also been accusing council officials for not consulting them on matters that affect them including issues to do with the budget.

Chikomba CEO Bulen Chiwara said Zinwa is responsible for supplying water.

A Northwood resident Stella Moyo said council was failing to provide running water.

“We are drawing water for drinking from wells , some of them not even protected and this is risking us to waterborne infections,” she said.

Chivhu Residents Association chairperson Collen Zvarevashe said his association handed over numerous petitions to the local authority but there have been no responses.

“The service that we get in this town is appalling. Many residents are drawing water from open wells and steams thereby exposing themselves to waterborne diseases.

“The council can go for weeks without collecting refuse and burst sewer pipes are rampant most cases,” said Zvarevashe.
Chivhu Residents and Ratepayers Association Secretary David Marufu accused council officials of corruption. He said devolution projects were being carried out without residents’ involvement.

“The new administration is has taken us back in term of development and good governance. It is a constitutional requirement for councils to involve stakeholders in programmes,” said Marufu.

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