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Chivhu Netball Queens on dire straits

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Chivhu Netball Queens on dire straits


Moses Madyira
Mirror Reporter

CHIKOMBA – Chivhu Netball Queens is on dire straits after it was deregistered from the Rainbow League in 2020 for failing to pay affiliation fees.
Although the team had immense potential it only managed to play in 2018 and 2019 and became defunct as it failed to raise money to either play games or to register.

The team is looking for support from the Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation and well-wishers from the private sector.
The team was founded by enterprising Zanu PF activist Pedzisai Muhenyeri (45) in 2014. Muhenyeri is self-employed and is the party’s candidate for Ward 11 in the forthcoming by-elections.
Muhenyeri said the team was deregistered when his resources became thin and could not afford transport costs.
“We are experienced and when we get a chance, we will cause problems to many teams and put Chivhu on the map.

“Our plea to the Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation is for them to help us with resources and help us get sponsors. We also appeal to the community so that those who are talented can use their talents to advance themselves.
“The girls are committed to the game and they are very ambitious. Many come here at Garwe Stadium where we train, and they only talk about soccer. Women are being sidelined but there are many talented girls who also need to realize their dreams. There is a lot of talent in Chikomba,” said Muhenyeri.

Chivhu Netball Queens captain, Agness Gandiwa (36) said they are currently playing for the love of the game, and will be grateful if they get a sponsor so that they can play in the league again.
“Currently we are playing just for the love of the game. It will be an honour if we get the chance to play in the league again. We are experienced now; we are actually capable of putting Chivhu on map,” said Gandiwa.

Chikomba District sports officer, Cosmas Kuchowa said he is aware of such a team and the ministry has no resources to help the team mainly because of covid 19 impact.https://masvingomirror.com


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