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Chivhu man licks sister’s blood after raping her

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Chivhu man licks sister’s blood after raping her


Theresa Zibowa
Mirror Reporter

Chikomba- Regional Magistrate Tranos Utahwashe has sentenced a Chivhu man who raped and licked his stepsister’s blood to 20 years in jail for rape. 
Stanford Gavajena (20) of Mombeshora Village, Chief Nyoka in Marondamashanu, Chivhu, broke his stepsister’s (11) virginity. He was sentenced today. 
The incident happened on June 27, 2023. Gavajena also assaulted his sister with a belt and fists on her buttocks when she screamed for help.
Circumstances are that the two were left home together by the minor’s mother, who was attending a funeral.
She was sleeping outside, and Gavajena carried her into a hut, which he used as his bedroom.
He locked the door, closed her mouth, tied her down and inserted his fingers into her vagina. She bled, and he licked her blood that was on his fingers. Gavajena also spread her legs and licked the blood on her vagina. 
The minor screamed for help, and Gavajena assaulted her on the buttocks with a belt and fists before he raped her. The girl’s mother returned from the funeral with her husband and heard her child screaming. 
The stepfather kicked in the door, and Gavajena grabbed him by the throat before the father head-butted him and tied him with ropes. 
ZRP Chivhu was called to the scene and arrested Gavajena. Socks, cables and the minor’s blood stained clothes were produced as exhibits in court. 
Mike Choto prosecuted. 

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