Chivhu councillor dragged to court over car deal

MDC Alliance councillor for Ward 10 in Chivhu, Emmanuel Punungwe

Nyasha Musambasi

Chivhu – MDC Alliance councillor for Ward 10 in Chivhu, Emmanuel Punungwe has been dragged to court for failing to pay US$4 800 for a vehicle which he bought from one of the residents of the small farming town.

Punungwe confirmed to The Mirror that a civil case was filed against him at Chivhu Magistrates Court.
Punungwe allegedly failed to pay for a caravan kombi that he bought from Stewart Chandirekera.

Punungwe and Chandirekera signed an agreement of sale for the vehicle on July 11, 2020 and the former was supposed to pay the full amount by August 15, 2020.

The councillor therefore failed to pay by the date and this resulted in civil summons being filed against him.
Punungwe however, said he has not yet paid because the seller did not tell him the truth about the state of the vehicle. He said he realised after signing the agreement that the car needed repairs and he has since sent it to Harare for attention.

“The matter is yet to heard before the court but what I can say is I did not refuse to pay the money for the vehicle. The seller lied to me that the vehicle was in perfect condition but I realised after driving around that it has many problems and I left it at a garage in Harare where it is being attended to,” said Punungwe.

He said he tried on numerous occasions to meet the seller so that they discuss the way forward but to no avail.

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