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Chiredzi women fight over urine

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Chiredzi women fight over urine


HOTH welcomes you to another instalment of the usually nosy but factual tell tales that we usually churn out every week. I heard that there is yellow fever sweeping through the town this weekend. Did I hear that clearly? HOTH is not sure about that, so I don’t have to dwell on that.

One thing I know is that I just heard a siren.  And when I enquired someone told me that it’s the police water cannon, and the police are just doing press some ups in preparation for the Yellow Sunday event. I won’t be surprised if some more Madzibaba get thrashed and left for dead.

I know that what we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another, but we should remember there is life work or campaign. You are at work but remember that the same people you are beating the daylights out are the same people you will need when in trouble.   

You can be a bootlicker or an a** licker but I know that when others bent their knees, we refuse and add loudly that our ancestors in their time bowed no knee to any stinking leader. During our ancestors’ time, all the leaders were elected anyhow and kicked out at will, and the only people that inherited anything by right of birth were the congenital idiots who think that supporting a political party means violence.

Anyway, let’s forget the bloodsuckers and shift our attention to the business of the day. Guys! I feel that if I get married; I want to be very married. I think even the Chiefs and Parliamentarians have seen that marriage is no longer that significant to the extent that they unequivocally made Roora very optional.

I am in support of them, especially those who marry women like Memo. Ehee zveee iye Memo wepaChiredzi uya. She used to be a mere hairdresser when she was started dating this farmer cum transporter. Muriko here uko Wellas?

Hanzi Wellas vakatombopinda nemoyo wena and bought Memo a Merc ML. Asi mangamanakira mukoma Wellas. Anyway, kunakirwa or not, this hobo’s life was transformed from a mere hairdresser to one of the who is who of Chiredzi. She owned a shop at Legend and lived an affluent existence.

However, shavi rechihure rakati rabata. Hoyo Memo uya atova rova rova apa ari pamurume, gas lighting several men. And the guy did the obvious. He just withdrew his car and all other benefits and ghosted her. Aaah Memo was back in the street with nothing to her name.

A few months later she bulldozed into another marriage. Ehee kuya kweKwaito music yana Arthur Mafokate. Those in the know are so familiar with that kind of music. The beat genre was an in-thing in the 90s. Kwaito music or MaKwaito as the music was popularly known.

I am sure you know the guy who works for the company that produces tea sweeteners. Uyu wekumbofamba nemaAlteza uyu. I heard he is selling chocolates these days. 

Now HOTH is told that ari kuma Makwaito ikoko Shirley akawana imba angova amachira chete. Hwiru hwiru murume aenda naMemo. The daring bitch packed all Shirley’s belongings and sold them. I am told the guy akatodyiswa chaiko. Hanzi at the moment Memo is love bombing the guy wekwaito iyeye. Akuita seakutopenga chaiko kkkkk

 Yakazondiuraya hanzi she was lying to the guy that she was pregnant. So Memo had a friend who was pregnant and asked for her urine for a pregnancy test. So akatora weti akanozvitesita hake. Hanzi the guy achiona kuti Memo is pregnant akajamba Makwaito nekufara.

His happiness was short-lived when Memo said she had a miscarriage. Hanzi the arrangement was after Memo ajuta muface wake she was supposed to return the urine to her friend, but she never did. That caused all fracases that ensued between the two. There was a big fight over the urine. Hanzi matauro achidonha vashandi vepahotera vachinhonga.

Cde veKwaito do you know your Memo was never pregnant in the first place. Kwaito man zvivindi zvako zvakadaro wakazvihodhepi iwe kutora snooker yemubhawa kuiita personal. Kana wozogara usadaro iwe.https://masvingomirror.com/

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