Chiredzi vagrant’s wedding attracts bumper crowd

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Chiredzi – An unemployed ghetto boy who has nothing to his name except singing at funerals for free shocked Chiredzi on Saturday when his wedding attracted a record crowd at Tshovani Stadium.

Riot Police had to be summoned to break the huge crowd that was obviously gathered in violation of Covid 19 regulations.
Douglas Zvaravashe (43) has no place of his own, frequently walks the streets without shoes but his wedding was attended by thousands of people including influential businessmen and politicians.

Dougie as he is popularly known actually entered the stadium together with his bride 19-year-old Noria Mutepfu in a convoy led by Chiredzi West MP Farai Musikavanhu.

Musikavanhu was shocked to find such a large crowd at the stadium and the first thing that he did was to appeal to the crowd to disperse since they had far exceeded the maximum of 100 people allowed for gatherings under Covid19.

Musikavanhu offered to do a livestream of the wedding on Facebook and appealed to the crowd to go back and watch the wedding from their different places but none would listen to him.

Chiredzi Dispo who was also at the wedding tried to persuade the crowd to leave but he faced resistance and he then had to summon the Riot Police.

The Mirror gathered that because of his antics at funerals, it was not difficult for Dougie get the support of influential people to finance his wedding.

“Dougie is as poor as a church mouse but he got everything for his wedding from people who love his singing’s at weddings. Dougie has no job, has no house and sometimes does not even have shoes but he staged one of the biggest weddings ever seen in Chiredzi,” said one of the people at the wedding.

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