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Chiredzi Town proposes US$9 million budget

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Chiredzi Town proposes US$9 million budget



CHIREDZI – Chiredzi Town Council (CTC) is proposing a US$9 450 890.18 million for 2024. The 2023 budget was US$7 million.
CTC Finance Director Lyoid Musasa told a stakeholder budget feedback meeting at Chitsanga Hall on Monday that US$7.8 million will be raised from internal sources. The reminder of US$ 1.5 million will be raised from external sources.
Major projects on the budget include purchasing of five management vehicles pegged at US$275 000, rehabilitation of Inyati Road at US$738 000, construction of Makondo Clinic at US$80 000, construction of a new primary school pegged at US$100 000, purchase of a refuse truck pegged at US$140 000 and water reticulation.
Musasa said the 35% (US$3 33 073. 00) of the budget will be channeled to capital expenditure, 30% (2 835 267.05) towards salaries and 35% (3 280550.12) to recurrent expenditure.
“US$7.8 million will be generated from council’s own funds generated through rate collection and licensing among others while US$1.5 million will come from Devolution funds,” said Musasa.
He also added that water and sewer rates have been revised to US$0.55 per kilolitre.
“Our water bills were low and at one time the Minister noted that we were charging below rates so this time our water bills will be charged at US$0.55 per kilolitre and in high density they use at least 10 kilolitres, “said Musasa.

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