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Chiredzi Police allegedly assaults villager until he messes up

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Chiredzi Police allegedly assaults villager until he messes up


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CHIREDZI – Some Police constables at Sangwe Base in Save are being investigated over a case in which they allegedly assaulted a villager until he messed himself up.

Officers at the base have allegedly become notorious for assaulting, harassing and demanding hefty fines from villagers and the fines are paid in foreign currency.

Eriya Manyowa, the villager who allegedly messed up was assaulted after he was found ferrying firewood in a scotch cart. Manyowa is from Mapwere Village under Chief Gudo.

Chief Superintendent Robert Chihwereva confirmed to The Mirror that he received such a report and the matter was under investigation. He urged villagers to report such cases whenever they happen.

Manyowa told The Mirror that he was heavily assaulted by two Police officers after they found him ferrying firewood to his in-laws place where there was a function.

He said he is now partially blind after the assault and the physical abuse was so severe that he messed himself.

One of the accused officers, Constable Good Mushongahande refuted the allegations and said that the villagers were framing him.

“I am also a farmer and I have my money so why should I take fines from people, anyway call my bosses because we are not allowed to talk to the media,” said Mushongahande.

“It was on the 21st of November around 2am when I was transporting firewood to my wife’s parents’ home since they had a function on that day. Whilst travelling I saw two policemen who then intercepted me and I obliged. The two policemen then started beating me and one of them took a log from the scotch cart and tried to beat me but he hit his colleague.

“He was angry and they started beating me that I then fell on the ground and fainted. I woke up later and realized that I was on top of the firewood in the cart whilst the police were beside me. We drove past the hospital and one of the police officers who was hit by the log was treated, I asked to be treated too but they refused,” said Manyowa.

Manyowa also said that after the police officer was treated, they left the cart and tied him on the motorbike and took him to Sangwe Police Base.

“When we reached Sangwe, they put me in a secluded room and they started beating me. I even messed myself but they continued beating me and one of my eyes is now partially blind,” he said.

” I was told that I was supposed to pay 500 Rands in order to be released,” said Manyowa.

Manyowa also said that the police officers then phoned his wife to bring the money and when she brought the money they said the money was not enough he should bring another 2 000 Rands.

“After my wife brought the money I was released but I was told that I should bring 2 000 Rands. I had to sell my beast in order to pay the money,” said Manyowa.

Some villagers who spoke on condition of anonymity told The Mirror that they had suffered a lot in the hands of one police officer Good Mushongahande who has been charging 500 rand fine from them.
“We are suffering here, we use firewood as a source of energy and if you are found with firewood by Mushongahande you are forced to pay a fine of not less than R500,”said one villager who refused to be named.

Some of the villagers said Mushongahande has been at the base for more than 2 years and has bad influence even to the chieftainships of the area.

“We wish that he would be transferred but this never happens because he is influencing chiefs that he is resuscitating the area so that he retains his position at the base that he would not be transferred,” he said.

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