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Chiredzi boy suffers supernatural attacks

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Chiredzi boy suffers supernatural attacks



MASVINGO – Life has become miserable for a 10-year-old boy from Chiwororo Village, Ward 29 under Chief Neromwe in Chiredzi who is allegedly attacked by invisible beings that slap, pinch or scratch him.
The attacks on Raymond Mutirwa are only experienced by the boy and his 11-year-old brother Israel Mutirwa while the rest will only see the after effects like the scratched face.
The problems brought the family to the Zimbabwe National African Traditional Healers (Zinatha) offices in Masvingo armed with a supporting letter from Chief Neromwe. The Mirror managed to meet the boy at the Zinatha offices.
Also quite stunning is that the boy can remove solid items like stones, razor blades, seeds and bees from his body.
Zinatha chairperson for Masvingo, Prosper ‘Mhofu’ Dohwai confirmed the story to the Mirror.
The boy’s father, Samson Mutirwa said the attacks began on February 2, 2023. Stones were thrown at the two boys as they were playing but they could not see where the stones were coming from.
“The situation became scarier when Raymond would drive an object internally from his head to his mouth and extract stones or razor blades from his body. Attacks were made on his legs. It would seem something was making its way up his leg internally and with the help of the holy oil, things like seeds, stones or bees will come out of his leg and he should be fine.
“Raymond would see a wrist coming at him and slapping him but no one else could actually see anything except the after effects,” said Mutirwa
“These unusual events happen in our day to day lives and we are there to fix them as well, we received a letter from Chief Nerumwe who referred them to us and we are currently waiting for the cleansing process to start so as to assist the child and see if anyone is behind these attacks in order to try and create peace among the villagers” said Dohwai.

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