Chiredzi boy (7) bulging tummy needs urgent surgery

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Mirror Reporter

CHIREDZI – Reward Murwizi (7) is appealing for money to undergo surgery for his bulging tummy.

Murwisi of Lyonnais surbub in Tshovani is no longer going to school as a result and his problem started when he was only 3 years old. At school he has been stigmatized by children of his age shouting that he is pregnant.

Reward stays with his sister’s mother. It is said that his mother dumped him there when he was only 19 months old.

The auntie, Linda Khumalo told The Mirror that the belly grows by each passing day.

Khumalo who is a peasant farmer and her husband a brick moulder cannot afford the operation at Chiredzi General Hospital where Murwisi was diagnosed with Ascites (condition where fluids build up in the abdomen).

“I took Reward to hospital last year and the scan revealed that Reward has excess water in his abdomen and we were told to raise US$ 300 to go to a private hospital since the hospital cannot offer help,” said Khumalo.

Murwisi’s hope is to become a doctor one day and have money to look for his mother who left him when he was only 19 months.

“If I go to school other pupils mock me due to my condition,” said Reward.

Those who wish to help Reward can get in touch with Linda on 0781898228 or reach The Mirror Helpline on 077 569 1380.

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