Chipinge’s clean Covid-19 sheet

Ellen Mlambo
CHIPINGE- Chipinge district has so far not recorded any suspected or confirmed case of Covid 19, Chipinge District Medical Officer (DMO) Brian Makumbe has said.
Makumbe told the District Civil Protection Committee in a meeting that was held a week ago.
He however, said that there was a critical shortage of Personal Protective Clothing for health staff and there is no equipment for the Intensive Care Unit.
Makumbe added that in the last week, the community health practitioners followed up 33 contacts in which most of them were from Chipinge South constituency.
“Chipinge or Manicaland as a province so far does not have a case, there were some suspected cases in Mutare which turned out to be negative but for Chipinge we have no suspects since the outbreak began. A person may be said to be a suspect by the community but as medicals we look at different things from the public,” he added.
The Environmental Health Department has monitored 13 deaths in which three were from South Africa and proceedings were done according to protocol, he said.
Makumbe said there are 54 health facilities in Chipinge which are all screening.
“PPE’s are not adequate, ndorwadziwa ndichiona vanhu vachingotenderera mutown when we are saying we don’t have adequate resources,” he said.

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