Chipinge woman killed by buffalo

Fungayi Munyoro

CHIPINGE – Peyisa Manzini from Mutorwa Village, Ward 20 under Chief Musikavanhu in Chipinge was attacked and killed by a buffalo on Monday, a local councilor has confirmed.

Ward 20 councilor Charles Mugidho told Chipinge Times that the incidents of wildlife, human conflicts have become common in the area because a fence that separates villages from a nearby Game Park was long destroyed.

Manzini who was in her early 40s was attacked by the lone buffalo when she and a group of other women were gathering firewood near Save River at around 5pm.

“The buffalo charged at Manzini and killed her instantly. Others fled from the scene,” said Mugidho.

National Parks spokesperson Tinashe Farawo said they are doing awareness campaigns in areas surrounded by game parks.
“We received a report of a woman who was killed in Chipinge while fetching firewood. It is unfortunate because the incident comes in after another woman was killed in Mashonaland Central by a buffalo while watering her garden. Our animals are over populated so there are moving around in search of water and food. They are competing for resources with people. We are on the ground doing awareness campaigns in areas near game parks,” said Farawo.

“Ward 20 is near a game park. The game park once had a fence but it is no longer there. Wild animals have been roaming freely, attacking and killing people in our community. They are destroying crops and cattle. We are very worried with what is happening in our ward, “ said Mugidho.

He said that the community has lost more than 2 000 cattle to wild animals over the years.

“ In 2019, a woman from Mapondo village was also killed by a buffalo and another man killed by an elephant. In 2020, we lost a Form 2 student who was attacked by an elephant. Just last evening a lion followed a man although it did not attack him,” he said.

“We have been engaging the National Parks and Wildlife over these issues to no avail, “ he said.

Manzini was buried on Wednesday.

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