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Chipinge woman appeals for US$20 000 for heart surgery

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Chipinge woman appeals for US$20 000 for heart surgery


Ellen Mlambo

CHIPINGE – Gladys Pisirai (37), a teacher from Chipinge is appealing for US$20 000 to undergo open heart surgery in India after suffering severe Rheumatic heart.

The heart problem has also come with severe mitral stenosis and Pisirai’s condition has been deteriorating forcing her to transfer to a school close to an urban area.

However, now she has stopped going to school and cannot do house chores anymore, Chipinge Times has been told. She also can’t look after her three children.

If done, her mitral valve will be replaced with a mechanical one.

She was diagnosed with chronic rheumatic valve injury with Mitral valve disease and Atrial Aortic Regurgitation consequent in February this year.

Pisirai’s husband Lovemore Pisirai who is a pastor at Full Gospel Assemblies International Church confirmed the condition.
So far US$5 000 has been raised towards the operation.

Well-wishers can contact the husband on 0772 225 274 and the eco cash number: 0773 731 750.
Bank details: CBZ -10124317530010 (RTGS Account) and the Nostro Account:10124317530020. https://masvingomirror.com

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