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Chipinge tycoon Doda charged with attempted murder


Chipinge tycoon Doda charged with attempted murder



CHIPINGE – A Chipinge tycoon, Edmore Mwoyongewenyu (42) popularly known as Doda who was arrested yesterday for severely assaulting a ZNA soldier who dated one of his eight wives has been charged with attempted murder and is likely to spend the weekend behind bars.
Mwoyongewenyu was picked up by Police yesterday (Thursday) but could not appear in court today as Police was still working on the charge sheet. He will be in court tomorrow (Saturday).
Mwoyongewenyu allegedly pointed a pistol on Shepherd Makwenjere (22), had him handcuffed and his legs tied before being bludgeoned by a group of about 10 hired men armed with iron bars and baton sticks.
Makwenjere who works for the Zimbabwe National Army 1.2 Battalion in Hwange is admitted at Victoria Chitepo Hospital in Mutare where he is in a serious condition.

Mwoyongewenyu who is considered one of the wealthiest men in Chipinge with a fleet of trendy cars and several upmarket houses has more than eight wives and Naume Makuyana who was allegedly dating Makwenjere is only 20 years old. She was married when she was only 16.
Mwoyongewenyu is also married to Makuyana’s elder sister Evidence (23) who Chipinge Times understand was married seven years ago when she was also 16.
Police initially charged Mwoyongewenyu with assault but the charge has since been changed to attempted murder after considering the circumstances and the critical condition of Makwenjere.
The State would say that Doda teamed up with Vincent Mapuranga (27) of House number 4123 Gaza E and Moses Mazuku (40) of House number 5852 Gaza A and assaulted Makwenjere. The other seven accomplices are still at large.

The allegations are that on May 28, 2022 at around 6pm Makwenjere of House number 4180 Gaza E Chipinge proceeded to Doda’s homestead to see Naume who had invited him over the phone. He met her outside the house and was led into the bedroom. A few minutes later, Doda entered the bedroom in the company of Mapuranga and Mazuku. Doda was allegedly armed with a pistol while the rest were armed with iron bars, a baton stick, handcuffs and a sjambok.
Doda allegedly pointed a pistol at Makwenjere and instructed him to lie down. Mazuku handcuffed Makwenjere and they used a rope to tie his hands and his legs were further tied to some logs and they then severely assaulted him.

They allegedly assaulted the complainant for two hours and Doda would add salt to the fresh wounds on the complainant’s back and buttocks.
A ZNA Infantry Battalion vehicle later came and collected Makwenjere. He was taken to Chipinge Police Station to make a report and then to the District Hospital. He was referred to Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital.
In an interview, Makuyana’s brother, Artwel Makuyana told Chipinge Times that Doda is married to his two sisters, Evidence (23) and Naume.
“Doda is married to my two sisters Evidence and Naume. Evidence has been married for seven years now and Naume got married in 2018,” said Artwell.

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