Chipinge Town secretary further remanded


CHIPINGE – Chipinge town secretary Susan Dube who is on forced leave after being arrested on two separate cases of criminal abuse of power has been further remanded to April 29, 2021.

She appeared before Chipinge Magistrate Elizabeth Hanzi on Monday.

In the first charge Dube is accused of selling a 1 000 square metre residential stand to a trainee student who is alleged to be her relative. Soon after paying $20 000 bail on this case, Dube was again arrested after she allegedly took US$369 worth of PVC pipes and used them on her plot.

She was not charged for the pipes, according to the State.

On the PVC case she is jointly charged with Chipinge Town Council water and waste superintendent Jeffrey Mwakachieyi.

Both cases were remanded to April 29.

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