Chipinge Town Secretary spends night in cells


CHIPINGE – Chipinge Town Secretary Susan Dube was arrested twice this week on allegations of criminal abuse of office and she spent a night in prison on her second arrest on Tuesday.

Dube was first arrested on Monday morning for allegedly allowing a trainee at the local authority’s offices to acquire a 1 000 square metre residential stand under a housing scheme reserved for permanent members of staff. This means the trainee had to pay 40% of the market value of the stand.

The State says this was unlawful and an abuse of office by the accused.

On Tuesday, Dube was arrested again together with the local authority’s water and waste superintendent a Mr Mawakachieyi on allegations that she used council pipes to build a water line from the council mains to her farm which is 10km away.

Dube paid $20 000 bail on both cases and was given stringent reporting conditions. She was ordered not to visit council offices or to interfere with State witness and to stay at her given residential address until the case is finalized. She is also required to
report to Chipinge Police station twice a week.

She was remanded to March 29, 2021 and is being represented in both cases by Langton Mhungu of Mhungu and Associates.
In the first case, Dube allegedly offered a 1 000 square metre stand to a trainee. The trainee, according to the State did not qualify for the scheme.

The matter is being handled by CID from the Anti-Corruption Commission and the case was unraveled by an audit resulting in a report to the Police.

Timothy Katsande is prosecuting and the Magistrate is Poterai Gwezhira. It is the State case that Dube employed Janson Mhlanga on October 31, 2018 on a graduate trainee planner contract.

On January 8, 2020, Mhlanga applied for and got stand number 4767 St Kelvin Chipinge measuring 1 000 square metres. The State alleges that the accused’s actions are contrary to or inconsistent with her duties as a public officer.

In the second case, the State represented by Timothy Katsande says on December 23, 2020 Dube applied for her Plot Number 1 Kenliworth Farm to be connected to the council water system. The plot is along Prison Farm Road some 8km from Chipinge

The application was approved by council but on condition that Dube buys her own water connecting material and that she pays council for the labour.

However, Dube who allegedly acted in cahoots with Mwakachieyi unlawfully took 71 x 32mm PVC pipes valued at US$639 from Chipinge Town Council Central Stores and laid them from Chipinge Farm Prison to her farm. The water line stretches for almost
a kilometer.

The offense was discovered after a tip-off said the State outline. Magistrate Poterai Gwezhira ordered Dube to report to Police twice a week, to stay at her given address and not to interfere with State witnesses. She is not allowed to visit her workplace and is remanded to March 29, 2021.

Meanwhile Mwakachieyi is facing a second count involving criminal abuse of duty in that Stephen Gavhumendi also applied to have his farm connected to the council water system and this was approved by council on condition that he buys his own connection material and pays for labour.

However, Mwakachieyi allegedly ‘unlawfully and corruptly’ collected 34x6x25mm PVC pipes, 2×32/25mm reducer, 2x20mm ball valves (brass), 1 x15 mm pipes and 1x500ml solvent cement from Chipinge Town Council Stores and used the material on the line.

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