Chipinge Town Secretary leave application thrown out

Ellen Mlambo

CHIPINGE – Chipinge councilors have rejected an application by town secretary, Susan Dube’s to go on leave when a court of law had already barred her from visiting her workplace after being charged on two counts of abuse of office.

Dube made her leave application on Tuesday after Chipinge magistrate Poterai Gwezhira had barred her from visiting her workplace as one of the conditions for the bail.

Sources said the councillors who met to discuss the issue on Tuesday found it out of sync with good governance that a suspect barred from the workplace by a court of law is then granted the benefit to go on leave.

In any case the majority of councillors of the eight member council were not even aware that their secretary had been arrested nor the reasons of the arrest until they heard that she was appearing at Chipinge Magistrates Court on Monday afternoon.

Chipinge Times understands councilors demanded that Dube writes a report to them informing them about the cases that she is facing at the courts and then a decision would be made on her leave application.

Ward 6 councillor, Lovemore Mkwapati also known as Mutimiri confirmed the meeting to Chipinge Times and referred this reporter to council chairman Zivanai Nyakuchena for further questions.

However, Nyakuchena could not be reached on his phone.

Mkwapati said four of the eight councillors want Dube suspended in line with the Urban councils’ act while three including the chairman are supportive of the town secretary. Another councillor has not been attending meetings because of reasons beyond her control.

Dube paid RTGS$20 000 bail on each of the two cases and was ordered to report to Police twice a week. In the first case she allegedly allowed a 1 000 square metre residential stand to be sold at 40% market value to an undeserving trainee worker. In the second case, Dube allegedly used council pipes to lay a waterline from a council water system to her farm.

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