Chipinge Town Secretary finally suspended


CHIPINGE – Chipinge Town Council Secretary has finally suspended its secretary Susan Dube to allow for internal investigations and a disciplinary hearing against her.

Dube has not been coming to work for several months now after she was arrested by Police on two separate charges of corruption. All her operational allowances except for salaries have been withdrawn with effect from April 9, 2021 which is the date of suspension.

Dube is not coming to work because one of her bail conditions is that she should not visit her workplace for fear that she would temper with evidence. Council chairman, Zivanai Nyakuchena confirmed the suspension to Chipinge Times and said that this will last for three months. He said that a committee to investigate Dube will soon be set up and an independent tribunal will hold her hearing.

The bail conditions imposed on Dube by the courts will also apply in her suspension, according to reliable sources that spoke to The Mirror.

The Mirror is reliably informed that the tribunal shall consists of one or two former or practising local government practitioners, a retired or serving senior labor officer, one or two representatives from the Ministry of Local Government and one high ranking public officer. Dube was arrested for allegedly selling a 1 000 square metre residential stand to a trainee student who is alleged to be her relative.

The State insists that the student was not illegible for the scheme which was only meant for full time
In the second charge Dube was arrested after she allegedly took US$369 worth of PVC council pipes and used them on her plot.

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