Chipinge Town councillors in no show


CHIPINGE – Chipinge Town Community Association (CTCA) is planning a big demo against Chipinge Town councillors who boycotted a scheduled 2020 budget meeting that was supposed to take place in the local authority boardroom yesterday (Wednesday).
CTCA members and ratepayers gathered at the boardroom on at 10 am but none of the eight councillors pitched up.
The engagement were sought through letters to council chairman Zivanai Nyakuchena and Town Secretary Susan Dube and the agenda was the 2020 tariffs which residents have described as too high.
Chipinge Town Council chairman Zivanai Nyakuchena did not pick his phone when The Mirror called him for a comment.
CTCA Coordinator and Public Relations Officer Amato Rungano said expressed disappointment at the council’s no show. He described the behaviour as dictatorial and arrogant as the city fathers are refusing to do the very same thing that they were elected to do; engage the electorate.
“We cannot continue writing petitions. We are now going to be physically in the streets protesting and we are approaching the Police for approval of these demonstrations,” said Rungano.
He said that the local authority neither responds to correspondence not consult stakeholder.
The local authority has already been reported to the Anticorruption Commission for alleged corruption.

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