Chipinge Town Council to repossess 84 undeveloped stands

Chipinge Town Secretary, Susan Dube


CHIPINGE – Chipinge Town Council has given a 30-day ultimatum to repossess 84 residential stands from owners who have not developed them for many years.

The stands are in Gaza ‘E’ and residents with objections are being invited to take them to the local authority by not later than August 31, 2020.

Chipinge Town Secretary, Susan Dube confirmed the move and said residents have 30 days to sort their issues with the local authority to avoid repossession. She said that the exercise to repossess undeveloped stands will spread to all suburbs in the town.

A notice sent out to the owners said the said stands are either still just an open ground or have a cabin only.

Should no objection be received or should objection not be given favorable consideration council shall proceed with the repossession and allocate the stands to other applicants on the waiting list,” reads part of the notice.

Dube however, said many residents have started coming to resolve issues to do with their undeveloped stands.

Dube added that the whole town has some undeveloped stands but currently ward one is the priority although they intend to put another notice for the next ward this week.

“It is prudent for them to start putting their houses in order because the program is coming,” said Dube.

However some residents argued that those people whom the council is repossessing the stands from have been paying leases for more than 20 years and it might be unfair to repossess such land amidst the current situation of Covid-19.

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