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Chipinge Town Council returns $13m compactor to supplier

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Chipinge Town Council returns $13m compactor to supplier



CHIPINGE – Chipinge Town Council has returned a brand new compactor sourced at a cost of $13 million back to the supplier after it broke down after working for just one day.
The 14-tonne motorized roller compactor was supplied by ESP Capital Equipment and the machine is being taken for repairs which will be completed inside 21 days.
Chipinge businessman Godwill Mlambo said residents want a new and different compactor.

Council chairman Lovemore Mukwapati announced the development on Wednesday and said that the compactor was being taken to Harare for repairs.
“I am aware that the idea of repairing the compactor does not go down well with some residents but let’s take things step by step,” he said.
“There was corruption in the acquisition of this compactor. It’s a used thing that changed many hands before it was sold to Chipinge Town Council. Injectors are rusty and the supplier is merely buying time by offering to repair the equipment,” said Mlambo.

Richard Mugari of Gaza reiterated the same statement.
Chipinge Town Community Association ( CTCA) Coordinator and Public Relations Officer, Amato Rungano said there must be a watertight system that safeguard public funds when council procures assets.
“This compactor is one of the deliverables for 2021 and we expected it in 2021. It came in 2022 and very late. The compactor has problems. The residents are furious and not happy with the condition of the so called brand new compactor. A lot of deliverables are just work in progress, nothing tangible. Residents are still waiting for a 2021 bowser and a lot more,” said Rungano.

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