Chipinge Town Council replaces Bangazaan water pipes

Chipinge Town Secretary Susan Dube.


CHIPINGE – Chipinge Town Council has worked on replacing Bangazaan raw water pipeline which was damaged by Cyclone Idai.

Town secretary Susan Dube confirmed the development.

“This pipeline which brings water from Bangazaan to the treatment centre was damaged by the Cyclone. To alleviate the problem we joined the pipes together as a temporary measure and the process we are carrying out now is to make sure that we fix the problem permanently,” said Dube.

The project which is being funded by UNICEF is supposed to have been completed last week.

“The contractors are finishing the work and between today and tomorrow they will be connecting the new pipeline,” she said.

Chipinge Town council has been losing about 45% of untreated water as a result of the damaged pipes.

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