Chipinge Times is born!

Bad governance in any entity including in national affairs starts with lack of transparency.
Lack of transparency in public affairs is rooted in weak journalism and weak mass media institutions.

Zimbabweans, it is with great joy that I announce the launch of the country’s youngest newspaper, Chipinge Times!
Manicaland here we come! The Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) in January 2020 registered San Marino, a media company following an application submitted by the board of directors.

The newspaper is based in Chipinge but will cover most of Manicaland.

Because of the harsh economic times and the current Covid19 lockdown, Chipinge Times will in the meantime find incubation in The Mirror. You will therefore find our pages inside The Mirror. You will also find us on The Mirror digital platforms. We are grateful and indebted to Masvingo Mirror for hosting us.

Chipinge Times will be based in the town of Chipinge and to start with it will cover Buhera District with a reporter based at Murambinda. The newspaper will cover Chimanimani, Checheche, Birchenough, Tanganda, Zimunya and Mutare.

This is a large swathe of Zimbabwe that has had very limited access to the media. The local authorities in these areas are barely covered. There is virtually no coverage of Government department heads like the District Development Co-ordinators and this leaves the governed people in a state of information blackout.

Chimanimani is a rich agricultural district producing mostly for export markets and it is surrounded by impoverished rural area ie Marange, Zimunya and Buhera. The large companies in the area are barely covered in the media. The impoverished districts also require coverage for the purpose of development.

Chipinge Times will bring comprehensive, professional and relevant media attributes to the region. We will inform, educate and entertain!

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