Chipinge social clubs patch road for football tournament

MASVINGO –Some 15 social football clubs from Chikore in Chipinge are participating in community development projects as patching potholes as prerequisites for participating in two scheduled tournaments.
The youth fronted clubs and sport academies will participate in the 2020 and 2021 Chikore Community Invitational Soccer Tournament which have been halted owing to Covid19.
Tournament organizer Evans Madhuku told Chipinge Times that the youth fronted outfits patched potholes within a 10 kilometer radius from Chikore Hospital using locally available resources.
Madhuku said the move is to refrain youth from drug and substance abuse, criminal activities and early marriages whilst focusing on community development.
“We were supposed to have the 2020 edition of the Chikore Invitational Soccer Tournament last year which was postponed due to Covid19. The youth must be kept off drugs, crime and other degenerating activities which are growing rampant.
“The patching of potholes was done from July 4 to 7, 2021 and the tournaments will be held when Covid19 lockdown measures are lifted. We are using locally available resources for the patching,” said Madhuku.
The clubs were divided into six groups and patched potholes from Headman Gokoma homestead to Pfidza Business Centre, Chikore Hospital to Mutsatsa, Junction to Holland and Tuzuka to Tundu among other places.
Clubs drawn from Chikore North zone are Holland, Tafara, Junction, Shekwa, Makungu, Liquor city, Academy with Tuzuka, Musendekete, Sone, Mukoteni, Admin, Chimbi, Bangira and Chikore Flying stars drawn from Chikore South zone.
Bulawayo based Madhuku whose club Flying Stars won last year’s Bulawayo Christian League said he began the Chikore Invitational Soccer Tournament to promote youth and sport activities in his hometown.
“We have a 14 team Christian league in Bulawayo and I took the concept to my hometown to uplift the youth in my hometown. This brings the community together and we will identify talent which will benefit the community,” said Madhuku.

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